Here at Blue Thunder Ribs we provide exciting up-beat coastal tours and

exhilarating speed boat rides around St Ives Cornwall.


Guests have the opportunity to quickly navigate from place to place, whilst keeping a watchful eye for marine animals and the magnificent landmarks and coastline. We have highly qualified crew, the latest cutting edge systems and extremely powerful engines to ensure efficient tours as well as keeping our safety standards outstanding.


Trips are run regularly and 3 different types are available: 



This is an exhilarating high speed boat ride around the beautiful St. Ives coastline and surrounding areas. Passengers will be in awe as our fully fledged powerhouse RIB boat accelerates, pulls turns and cuts through the mighty blue seas. 25 minutes Suitable for 3+ years Children £15 (3-14yrs) Adults £18. 




While still using speed, the sea safari allows passengers to stop and view various different beaches, lighthouses and marine animals from the ocean. 30 mins Suitable for 3+ years £20 per person Brilliant for sightseeing and history of St. Ives 




Our skippered private charter offers you the opportunity to choose what you want to do. The boat is totally to yourselves and at your command. Typically chartered for party’s, couples and anniversaries. Starting From 30 Minutes Prices starting at £140 Possible to increase depending on the itinerary.


Please enquire for more information.



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