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23rd - 27th July | 13th - 20th August | 27th - 31st August

Samphire Studio is a unique and vibrant ground floor one bedroom apartment so close to the beach the waves can be heard and the aroma of salt tasted in the air.

The location for this property is second to none, located right in the heart of Downalong just a stones throw from Porthgwidden Beach, one of the quaintest beaches in town.

The studio and space echoes colour, serenity and style with a predominantly green palette. Inspired by its exotic and flourishing garden, the studio exhibits growth and nature through its bespoke detailing and luxury mid-century style.

This stylish coastal retreat is the ideal place from which to relax, unwind and explore all that St Ives has to offer.

Take a look today at So St Ives.

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